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Purchasing property or a lot?  Looking to build the home of your dreams?  One of the easiest and most important steps is having a General Engineering Contractor preview the site and provide you with a comprehensive evaluation.  At TRG Equipment Services, Tom and Stephenie Gregory can help you cross that off the list at no charge.  They will meet you on site to help you analyze how your future plans and designs will fit the property, what construction will be needed, and how you can bring in all essential utilities including sewer/septic, water and power.  This evaluation will also answer those questions you may not have the answer to or haven’t thought of yet.  Tom and Stephenie will work hand in hand with you to get you on the way of creating your dreams.

Driveways and Roadways

Proper preparation prior to constructing a driveway or roadway helps to insure the longevity and usability of the road.  Grading the sup surface and creating a crown in your driveway allows water to shed off rather than pooling and creating potholes and rough surfaces. Compaction of sub grade surface and aggregate base is an important aspect in order to create a stable road whether it is constructed of aggregate (gravel) or pavement.

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Maintaining and grading roads and driveways is another service TRG offers.   We have maintained and reclaimed roadways for many years.   Services include:

  • Grading and rolling gravel roads for private owners, road associations and public owned.
  • Installing rolling dips, armored water crossings, bar ditches, and other erosion control mitigation.
  • Installing new roadways and driveways.
  • Snow removal.
  • Septic and sewer install.
  • Underground utilities, water, electric and more.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Footings and foundations.